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Thank you for purchasing this product Salomon®. They are built using the best materials available but it is recommended to follow these care instructions for the product life

General care: After each use of the product, it is recommended to remove all dirt and mud from shoes with a soft wet brush and clean water. Shoes should never be cleaned in a washing machine. Shoes should be dried at room temperature without using an external heat source, including the sun.

leather materials: To prevent the natural aging (cracking, stiffening, decreased sealing) of leather and leather products doubled Salomon® recommends treating all leather products with a cream or wax treatment based water such as Nikwax®. Please note that the leather treatment can change the original appearance of the leather but it will not affect the performance or properties of the leather.

Textile materials: To extend the life of the textile and fabric products they should be cleaned regularly using the same care instructions mentioned above.

building materials: Some Salomon® shoes are built with materials reinforced in high abrasion areas. These areas may change appearance during the life of the product but it will not affect the performance or the shoe properties. Lining materials: It is recommended that the coating product to be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of odors and prolong the life of the product. Salomon® recommends always wear socks to keep the durable lining and odorless.

Salomon's® sock liners contribute to the comfort and cleanliness of its products. Sock liners should be machine washed in hot water on a regular basis and replaced if necessary.

Laces: Laces have the potential to damage during the life of the product and must be replaced if necessary.

Soles: The padded shoes should be clean and free of dirt and mud to prevent bacteria buildup and premature aging.